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Beyond Gender Molds

Beyond Gender Molds

2019 to current

My work explores the dynamic relationship between society and the individual, examining how societal influences shape personal identity. Each piece encapsulates the questions and reflections that permeate my mind. These artworks, varying in size, are created by me, although several other artists, such as the Corbe Group, C. Tombley, and Children’s World, share a similar approach.


My expressions and the deconstruction of forms in my work signify a process of dismantling everything around me. This approach resonates deeply with experiences of pain or loss, which for me begin where the pain or emptiness starts. My artworks reach back to the innocence of childhood, a period marked by emptiness and suffering, depicted through simplistic, child-like forms.


A recurring motif in my work is the washed-out canvases or discarded pieces of paper, symbolizing my childhood and the significant influence of my family. These elements represent the ongoing process of shaping and expressing oneself, particularly the shaping of an individual to be a girl. The predominance of sun forms in the paintings contrasts with the rare appearance of night scenes, highlighting the struggle that females face, as they are often not allowed to go out at night.


Numerical elements are also present in my works, with the number four frequently appearing. This symbolizes the carving of time for me, evoking the limit on being out of the house and the necessity of returning home by four o’clock because I am a girl. This period of time during the day is associated with collecting knowledge, learning, expressing oneself, and various other life experiences depicted in the paintings.


Dark questions about society and its laws are interwoven into my expressions, reflecting the complex interplay between individual and collective experiences. The use of grey and heavy colors around the figures underscores the weight of these themes.

Large Size Paintings

These paintings sizes varry from 30cmX30cm to 4mX1m 

Small Size Paintings

These paintings sizes varry A4 size and smaller

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